How to Participate


You may join the growing network of GGUSS as a benefited consumer. As a customer, you will buy our high quality original products of your choice at a MRP from our trusted distributors. As a consumer, you are not entitled for any commissions or monetary benefits from the Society, but you will have all the rights as a consumer and privileges being a registered consumer. You may, however, become entitled for monetary benefits as well, if you opt to become a registered distributor of the society.


If you wish to become the distributor of GGUSS and be a part of our wide spread distributorship network, you will have to accept the business offering of the Society. You will also have to abide by the terms & conditions and code of conduct of the GGUSS.

You may become our distributor and start your own business without any huge initial investment. To become a distributor of GGUSS, you just need an introducer, someone who is already in the distributor network of GGUSS..

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